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hello, I'm Emma

I work with photographers, designers, creatives & solopreneurs who are ready for their next level of business success.

I'm a creative success coach and I believe that creativity makes the world a better, happier place. 

After getting divorced in 2008, I moved with my new partner from the UK to South Africa. This was an opportunity to start afresh, make work that lit me up (hello rescue dogs!) and business build with some actual strategy. I soon gained a client base and guess what, became super busy, again. I also found myself single parenting, again, when my relationship ended in 2012 so my purpose work took a back burner as I found myself back in survival mode (anyone noticing a pattern here?).

then i moved continents in 2009

I became a photographer 17 years ago because I wanted to use my skills to make a difference in the world. But I had a young daughter to care for and I needed to earn money, so instead of making work that mattered to me (at the time I knew nothing about ideal clients, business strategy or setting goals) I took on any and every job that came my way.  If busyness was an olympic sport, I'd have been a gold medalist (client acquisition & marketing have always been my forte) and I burnt myself out working 24/7 to survive.

Struggle, overwhelm, stress & anxiety were my reality for the first decade of my photography career.

But, my innate desire to create and, let's be real here that fact that I love being my own boss & setting my own schedule, took over and I decided that I needed some help.

I hired a business coach who supported & guided me as I overhauled my business. We doubled my prices (terrifying but necessary), reworked my packages & website, decided on the exact clients I was going to target and worked on my confidence and money mindset.

At the end of 2015, I almost quit. I was so exhausted, creatively fatigued and fed up that I seriously contemplated closing my photography business.

Jane, one of my many dogs.

I believe in practicing what I preach, so I still run my photography business alongside my creative coaching. I'm a qualified Life Purpose, Mindfulness, CBT Life Coach, NLP & entrepreneurship coach and I'm always still learning.

My experience has taught me that there's no merit in being a starving artist, asking for help is always a good idea (my only regret is that I waited so long) and it's never to late to create the life & business you want.

I'm here to help you achieve the goals you dream about

Some pretty simple tweaks netted me the kind of results I'd only ever dreamt of and my photography business has been on the up and up ever since.  I've also, very importantly, been able to regularly fit in my pro bono photography for the charities I support. 

Within six months I'd tripled my income, halved my client base & won a bunch of awards.

- Get clarity on your business direction

- Feel confident about your pricing

- Understand who your clients are

- Take the right action

- Consistently attract & book clients

- Generate sustainable income

Then I can help you:

- Don't know how to attract clients

- Aren't good enough to earn a decent living

- Haven't got a clue what to do first or next

- Constantly worry & agonise over your business

- Are stuck in a rut

- Can't stop procrastinating

- Might fail if you put yourself out there

If you feel like you:

No Thanks

Yes Please

My Manifesto

"Success is an inside job. You get to decide what you achieve in life. I'm here to facilitate."


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